Using Scripts

To speed up response time, you can program common messages as “scripts” which allow you to quickly send them to customers when needed.

For example, you can automate a common greeting, or answers to common questions from customers.

Making Scripts

1.To make a script, navigate to the “Scripts” page by clicking the relevant icon on the left toolbar.

2. On the left column, you will see the location for Reusable Scripts. Click the green “+” sign to create a new script.

Making Scripts

3. Name the script (this will be seen to you only) and type in the message you would like to program in the “Script” field.

4. Click “Create” to add the script to your list of reusable scripts. You can later delete it or edit it by clicking on the red “X” or blue edit button, respectively.

Creating A Script

Sometimes, you will want to regularly include a trackable link in your scripts – like a link to latest deals, or information about product or service offerings. To do so:

1. Create the reusable link.

2. Create a new script or edit an existing script.

3. Click the blue “+” button to add the relevant link to the script. (Note: this will add a piece of “code” which will appear as a parenthesis with the title in text but display the link when used. Do not edit this)

4. Save your new script.

Insert link into script

1. To use a script in reply to a message, simply click the “script” button in the text input field.

Sending a Script

2. You are then prompted to select the script you want to use.

3. The script will then be pasted into the text box. You can then edit the message, or click “send” to send it to your customer.

Sending a Script