How to Send a Trackable Link

TxtSquad utilizes live-link tracking so you know that your customers have clicked on a relevant hyperlink. This can be useful to know whether or not they have checked out your content and help judge when to send a follow up.

It is important to note that users will not be know that you can see when they clicked the link – it’s internal to TxtSquad only.

1. First, navigate to the conversation with the customer you want to send a link, and click the "Tracking Links" button in the text field.

2. Insert the link to generate a new link and click "Create"

3. Add any additional text (if any) to your message and click send.

4. When the customers clicks on the link, you will be notified.

5. Follow-up, if necessary. (BEST PRACTICE: Give the customer some time to digest the link before sending a follow up).


Adding and Using Reusable Links

If there’s a link you use often with customers, you may want to add it as a reusable link to speed up your response times..

1. To add a reusable link, click on the “Scripts” option on the side bar.

2. You will see “Reusable Links” list on the right column. Click the green “+” sign to add a link.

3. Fill out the required details and click “Create.”

4. Now when you go to send a trackable link to a customer, your new reusable link will be available to be sent.


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Selling and servicing through text.


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