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Add Texting To Your Communication Toolbox

We help organizations with personalized, real time engagement.

Increase Engagement

Using text message campaigns you can get engagement you could only dream of with email.

Build Strong Relationships

People don’t want phone calls and emails go unread. To build strong relationships with people you have to be texting.

Save Time

TxtSquad makes texting simple with robust features that save you time and add urgency to your communications.

Two Way Conversations

Engage with your audience where they are with two way texting. No need for them to download an app, they can communicate with you through regular text messaging.

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SMS Broadcasts

Reach out to more people with mass text messaging. A one stop shop for bulk sms communications, where you can schedule SMS Broadcasts from your computer or mobile device.

Easily grow and cultivate your audience with phone numbers imports. Send the right sms, at the right time, to the right people with our tagging and scheduling features. Get more personal with your bulk messages with a local number and MMS abilities for that little extra.

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Drip Text Campaigns

Automated set of pre-written texts that go out based on specific timelines or user actions. They can be personalized with your contacts' name, company info, and more with customizable fields. The beauty of drip texts is that this all happens automatically once set up!

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Why Choose Us?

TxtSquad is an ambitious company that has builts tools that are simple and fun. That’s how we earn your trust.

Mission Driven

We are a mission driven company with a single focus: we help organizations grow and thrive through rich engagement. Our system is only part of the solution - we build lasting relationships with the organizations who choose us.


We are striving to be a leader in messaging technology. We are already using advanced AI and natural language processing to help organizations engage at scale. And we have a lot of exciting new technology in development.

We Go Big and Small

TxtSquad has leading campaign and contact management tools that can allow an organisation to easily engage thousands of people. But TxtSquad was also developed to enable real conversations through rich two way conversations.

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