HIPAA Compliant Texting Solution for Healthcare Professionals

Protect Patient Privacy and Streamline Communication with our HIPAA Compliant Texting Solution

Seamlessly integrate secure texting into your existing systems and workflows for improved communication and productivity.

Doctor texting a patient
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Chair, RE-Boot FPN (Family Practice Network)

“This tool will ease a portion of the administrative burden that impacts family physicians, allowing them to manage their time and resources more efficiently, resulting in better access for patients... we are excited about the potential of TxtSquad.”

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Seafar Capital

Seafar Capital

“TxtSquad brings patients and healthcare providers closer together enabling faster care and streamlined operations. We’re excited by its potential to improve healthcare access and modernize workflows through secure, smart and intuitive technologies.”


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Protect Sensitive Data

Safely exchange patient data, medical records, and confidential information while adhering to HIPAA regulations.

Group Conversation

Streamline Communication

Enhance collaboration and efficiency within your healthcare organization through secure and compliant text messaging.


Training and Support

Benefit from our dedicated support team and training resources to ensure smooth implementation and adoption of HIPAA compliant texting.