Empower your pharmacy with text message-fueled communications and scheduling

Deliver personalized care and convenience, streamline operations, and supercharge your revenues with our HIPAA-compliant tools.

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What TxtSquad Can Do For Your Pharmacy

Revolutionize your pharmacy operations with AI-powered systems

Streamline Operations

Automate time-consuming tasks, reduce costs, and efficiently serve more customers.

Streamline campaigns and processes by automating seasonal promotions, prescription refills, and personalized adherence reminders to save you time and increase your business.

Grow Revenue

Boost sales with automated campaigns.

Save time with automations and reduce costs while growing revenues.

Busy pharmacists can serve a larger number of customers more quickly, thanks to the convenience and ease of texting.

Personalize Care

Bring a customized, personal touch to every customer interaction.

Provide tailored remedies, personalized care, and exceptional customer service.

With features like automated reminders, individualized medication plans, and active patient engagement, customers feel valued and supported throughout their healthcare journey.

Deliver Personalized Care and Convenience with AI-Driven Text-Based Communications and Scheduling

Leverage the benefits of texting and automation to revolutionize your communication, boost overall efficiency, and provide a more convenient and personalized experience for your customers.

Reach more customers, more quickly

Reduce time-consuming phone calls and message a large number of customers simultaneously with SMS

Two-way texting

Mass broadcasts to entire contact list

Targeted messaging to customer segments

Pharmacist outreach
Pharmacist outreach

Automated reminders

Customize automated text messages to individual patients, customer segments, or broadcast to all your users on a scheduled basis.

Prescription and adherence reminders

Pickup & delivery notifications

Sales & promotions

Scheduled campaigns

Out-of-the-box campaigns automate powerful marketing. Ready to launch at the click of a button.

Plan campaigns around seasonal events like hay fever and flu season

Automate messaging and replies

Reward your best customers with special gifts and discounts

TxtSquad campaign dashboard
Phone showing automated messages

AI-powered automations

Save time and improve service with powerful automations based on patient conversations

Simplify communication with scripted replies to common questions

Tailor bot scripts to your pharmacy’s exact needs

Improve efficiency and quality of service with prompt automated replies, any time day or night

Knowledge base

Plug-in your FAQ, blogs, and health articles and easily share with your clients lists and customer segments

Keep your customers informed on new products and services

Automatically reply to common questions

Position your pharmacy as a trusted authority by sharing your knowledge

TxtSquad automated Knowledge base messages on a phone
Phone showing automated messages with review link

Reviews & referrals

Reward your best customers and grow your business with automatic review and referral requests

Automated prompts to send clients review or referral requests

Tailor your scripts or use our templates to get the messaging exactly right

Grow your business through the power of word of mouth and the trust gained through online reviews

Revenue growth

More targetted campaigns and messaging = more sales and more revenue

Automate time-consuming tasks so you can focus on growing your business

Promote customer loyalty and repeat sales through value-added content marketing

Add new customers through referrals, content marketing, and sales campaigns

Figure showing revenue growth with txtsquad

Grow your pharmacy and better serve your customers with TxtSquad's powerful & complete feature set

All the tools you need to reduce your workload, grow your pharmacy, and provide exceptional customer service

SMS prescription refills

Schedule SMS prescription reminders for clients

Two-way texting

Personalized interaction – real-time, two-way SMS communication for patient questions and support

Appointment reminders

Reduce No-Shows – Send automated SMS reminders for upcoming appointments

Automated sequences

Automated SMS sequences for prescription follow-ups, health checks, and more

Patient satisfaction surveys

Send surveys post-appointment or post-refill to gauge patient satisfaction and service quality

SMS alerts for medication

Notify patients when their medications are back in stock or when new stock arrives

Review and referral prompts

Enhance your online reputation by prompt satisfied patients to leave reviews via SMS

Scheduled text messages

Plan in advance and schedule SMS for health tips, holiday greetings, or medication reminders

Out-of-office messages

Maintain continuous engagement with patients using automatic replies for non-business hours

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