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Elevating essential communications across multiple industries

TxtSquad provides essential text messaging services to a broad range of industries for crucial communications.


Healthcare Providers

Improve patient engagement and outcomes with our HIPAA-compliant communication and scheduling platform.

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Enhance efficiency and effectiveness in employee communications and scheduling with optimized texting solutions.

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Cities, towns, and municipalities can engage their residents with expert text messaging services from TxtSquad.

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Pharmacies can use TxtSquad to improve patient communications, including prescription refill reminders and more.

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TxtSquad helps associations including memberships, not-for-profits, and charities use texting to increase communication and engagement.

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Boost your association, club, or party's reach with streamlined text messaging services.

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School Lunch

Using TxtSquad for parent lunch reminders and team management has boosted our engagement from 30% on email to over 90%!

John Finn

John Finn

Director, School Lunch Association


Discover TxtSquad's Powerful Features

Advanced messaging made simple. Elevate your communication strategy with TxtSquad's suite of texting tools.

Dynamic Audience Engagement

Revolutionize how you connect with audiences using TxtSquad's multifaceted broadcasting and interactive feedback tools.

Mass SMS Broadcasts

Effortlessly reach extensive audiences with vital updates, timely reminders, and important announcements, all at once.

Broadcast Scheduling

Maximize the impact of your messages by scheduling them to align with strategic moments, ensuring they resonate and drive action.

SMS Surveys & Polls

Deepen audience involvement and glean critical insights with engaging surveys, opinion polls, and enticing "Text to Win" competitions.

SMS Sequences

Engage your audience through thoughtfully crafted, automated text message sequences, spurring them towards desired actions at the most opportune times.

Broadcast Screen
Conversation Screen

Collaborative Communication Suite

Enhance team productivity and responsiveness with TxtSquad's comprehensive messaging dashboard and two-way communication features.

Two-Way Text Messaging

Cultivate stronger relationships through real-time, bidirectional conversations, resolving inquiries promptly and personalizing customer interactions.

Team-Based Messaging Dashboard

Centralize communication efforts, allowing seamless collaboration among team members, and streamline response management to ensure no message goes unanswered.

Automated Contact Creation

Simplify audience growth with web forms, QR codes, and an advanced contact importer, making it easier than ever to expand and manage your contact list.

Track Conversation States

With the ability to resolve and reopen conversations, you'll never lose track of important threads. Keep active discussions at your fingertips and out of the way when concluded.

Effortless Appointment Scheduling

Your Business, Synced - Embrace the ease of automated scheduling and integrated calendar management with TxtSquad.

Unified Scheduling

Merge simplicity with efficiency by directly uploading, creating, or integrating existing appointments and calendar events into TxtSquad.

Automated Convenience

Enhance client communication with automated appointment reminders and messages, keeping your audience informed, prepared, and engaged.

Appointment Confirmations and Tracking

Reduce no shows with automatic appointment confirmation messages and track your appointment statuses in real time.

Multi Service & Resource View

Navigate your schedule with ease thanks to our comprehensive Resource View, offering a consolidated, panoramic insight into your appointments and events based on resources, services and locations.

Calendar Screen

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