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Take control of patient communications with a texting solution that reduces phone calls, optimizes your schedule, energizes staff and improves patient satisfaction.

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Patient Communication at the Speed of Text

Enhance patient communication and accessibility through secure texting - patients prefer the convenience of messaging over phone calls.

No more missed connections, frustrating hold times, or playing phone tag.

Easily interact in real-time, reduce no-shows, and elevate your customer service.

Patients love the ease of quickly reaching out via text

Drastically improve response rates and reduce missed calls

Seamless real-time communication avoids scheduling headaches

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HIPAA Compliant Secure Texting

Safeguarding your data is our top priority - our HIPAA-compliant platform ensures full privacy and security for all communications.

Message patients effortlessly through a simple text interface without exposing your personal number.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing private health information is comprehensively protected.

100% HIPAA compliant data protection

Secure patient messaging without exposing your number

Easy texting interface with enterprise-grade security

HIPAA Compliant Secure Texting

Ease of Use and Great Support

Our user-friendly app is built for simplicity.

Expert support is just a click away so you can focus on caring for patients - not wrestling with complex software.

Quick setup and minimal training time to get you up and running fast.

When you need assistance, our top-notch customer service team is readily accessible directly within the app.

Built-in support button provides instant access to expert support

Performance optimized for ease of use - unlike complex EMR software

Fast setup with minimal training required

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Unleash the Full Power of Healthcare Texting

TxtSquad's groundbreaking secure messaging platform harnesses the full potential of SMS for optimizing patient engagement, fueling better outcomes and unlocking operational efficiencies across your entire practice.

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Effortless patient communication - by text!

Use the app that your patients are already using, and LOVE - text messaging!

Meet patients on their preferred communication channel and eradicate accessibility hurdles - No more voicemails, no more missed connections - just seamless, personal interactions driving optimal outcomes.

Instantly command attention and engagement like never before

Soaring open rates, real-time responsiveness, and instant adoption requiring zero downloads or training

Patients respond promptly without thinking twice as texting is already second-nature

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Zip through appointment booking in record time

Effortless appointment scheduling is just a chat away with TxtSquad's seamless in-conversation booking capabilities.

Our deeply integrated calendar and scheduling functionality puts your entire availability at your fingertips within the patient text stream itself.

Create appointments and set reminders directly within your patient chat window

Powerful yet easy to configure conversation bots speed up patient screening so that when you get to the conversation, you already know what the patient needs

No more toggling between apps or windows - reserve times with just a couple of clicks

Call volume goes down.
So does your blood pressure.

You know what else goes down? No-shows. Missed appointments. Wasted healthcare resources. The only thing that goes up is you and your patient’s satisfaction.

No more wasting your time listening back to full voicemail inboxes

Skip the endless cycle of telephone tag, busy signals and no-answers

Free up phone lines for those who truly need a phone call

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Skyrocket efficiency and delight patients with bot-powered patient intake

Address repetitive, mundane patient queries without lifting a finger. That's the power of TxtSquad's advanced bot capabilities!

Say goodbye to tying up valuable staff time on monotonous, been-there-answered-that convos.

Our intelligent bots field all the straightforward questions, collecting the key details so your team can simply dive right into more complex needs.

Curated, pre-screened responses that eliminate busywork

No more wasted time asking the same questions over and over

Increase accessibility outside of business hours with always-on FAQ-powered bots

Instantly share vital information with your entire patient base at the push of a button

Emergencies, updates, and critical communications call for rapid action.

Don't waste precious time playing phone tag or crossing your fingers hoping patients check emails and websites.

One simple text blasts your message straight to everyone's fingertips in seconds.

Instantly share vital information with your entire patient base at the push of a button

Broadcasts ensure you get the word out immediately

Keep your patients seamlessly informed no matter the situation

Broadcasting Screen
Performance monitoring Screen

Monitor the performance of your whole communication strategy at a glance

Measurement is the catalyst for delivering top patient care and optimizing resource allocation.

With TxtSquad's simple but powerful dashboard and analytics suite, you gain unprecedented visibility into every aspect of your practice's communication performance.

The comprehensive metrics pipeline gives you hard to data to help allocate your healthcare resources.

Understand your operational strengths and potential bottlenecks through the crystal-clear lens of TxtSquad's dashboards

Message response times, resolution rates, appointment volume, no-shows, cancellations

Daily, weekly, and monthly views allow you to analyze trends over time and quickly pinpoint areas for improvement

Reduce no-shows and your workload with SMS appointment reminders

The ripple effects of a single no-show can disrupt healthcare operations and jeopardize outcomes

TxtSquad equips you with an arsenal of automated reminders that slash missed appointments and streamline clinic resources

From the moment an appointment is booked, you control the cadence with customizable reminder sequences - whether 7 days out, 3 days ahead, or a final heads up an hour before

Leverage the unparalleled open rates of SMS and TxtSquad's powerful automations to avoid arduous rescheduling cycles and last-minute rebookings

Providers stay productive rather than idling through vacant time slots

Patients receive the timely care they need for optimal treatment and health outcomes

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Transform healthcare communication with TxtSquad's powerful & complete feature set

All the tools you need to save time and reduce your workload while providing exceptional patient service

SMS prescription refills

Schedule SMS prescription reminders for clients

Two-way texting

Personalized interaction – real-time, two-way SMS communication for patient questions and support

Appointment reminders

Reduce No-Shows – Send automated SMS reminders for upcoming appointments

Automated sequences

Automated SMS sequences for prescription follow-ups, health checks, and more

Patient satisfaction surveys

Send surveys post-appointment or post-refill to gauge patient satisfaction and service quality

SMS alerts for medication

Notify patients when their medications are back in stock or when new stock arrives

Review and referral prompts

Enhance your online reputation by prompt satisfied patients to leave reviews via SMS

Scheduled text messages

Plan in advance and schedule SMS for health tips, holiday greetings, or medication reminders

Out-of-office messages

Maintain continuous engagement with patients using automatic replies for non-business hours

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Healthcare Texting FAQs

Everything you need to know about texting for healthcare

Yes, absolutely! There are strict regulations and protocols surrounding texting and you want to make sure you don’t violate any of them. There are a few ways you can go about getting patient consent. Have patients text you first. Advertise your new texting number around your clinic and in other, existing communication channels with your patients. Add a section to your routine paperwork to collect consent. Patient intake forms are a great place to start. You can also check with each patient at their next appointment. Also make sure that patients know how to opt out of receiving text messages. With TxtSquad, texting ‘STOP’ to your number will automatically opt patients out. Your first message to patients should include simple opt out directions - “Text STOP to opt-out” will do the trick.

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