Our Mission

At TxtSquad we understand that the way organizations engage is changing quickly. There are an endless list of new software tools that organizations can use but they are complicated and cumbersome. It’s overwhelming.

Our mission is simple: We help organizations grow and thrive through rich engagement.

It all begins with text messaging.

Phone calls and emails, once the primary form of professional communication, are becoming less reliable. People view phone calls as intrusive interruptions into their busy lives. Emails are viewed as formal, clunky and easily dismissable.

With TxtSquad, you will be able to have rich-text conversations in a professional texting platform that is transparent, easy-to-use, and integrated.

But that’s only the beginning. While communicating with TxtSquad, AI will be used to gain valuable information about your contacts - information that can be used to automate processes, better understand your contacts and manage the relationship.

We have a passion for helping organizations succeed. We are not just another online software service. When you partner with TxtSquad, your challenges become our challenges. We offer intimate support that extends beyond onboarding.

We strive to foster belonging and empowerment at work. We welcome different ideas and opinions. We want our team to grow and excel at work and in their personal lives. We listen and engage with our diverse communities. We strive to serve organizations that serve diverse communities. And most of all we strive to make communication accessible to all people.

We hope you will join us on this journey….


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We have a hands-on service approach to help partners integrate texting into their business processes. We provide superior contact support that is always solution driven.

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Software alone won’t improve a business – it needs to be used strategically. That’s why we lend our expertise in business process communications to help build a contact engagement strategy that works for you.

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Never be afraid to try something new. Our applications are designed with innovative features to engage contacts and drive sales. Text conversation enables quantitative analysis and automation of sales processes that can’t be done through traditional sales channels.

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