Texting and Scheduling Services Built for You and Your Organization

TxtSquad can help you say goodbye to your busy schedule and free up time with our automated texting and scheduling service and features that will make your life easier.

Smart Contact Management

Take notes on individual contacts, save important files and photos, send trackable links and access messages from any device.

A Conversation with a contact and the contact card

Smart Messaging

Manage contact messaging and information across multiple channels

Message Broadcasts

Deliver information to multiple contacts at once with ease

Two-Way Texting

Incorporates in and outgoing messages into one service

Text with Wifi

Send and recieve messages anywhere without cellular service

NLP and AI

Process and analyze large amounts of user data

Drip Campaigns

Send pre-written messages to specific contacts over time

Creation of an Auto Response Message

Auto Responses

Create reusable, pre-planned messages to keep in touch with contacts and team members even when you're not around

Reports & Analytics

Data is collected, organized, and presented to you

Shared Inbox

Let multiple user read and send messages from the same place

Local Number

Choose a phone number your local contacts will recognize

Call Forwarding

Have your calls redirected to you or a teammember wherever you might be

Link Tracking

Measure interaction levels to maximize user experience

iOS & Android Apps

Easy to use and free to download apps for all mobile devices

Reusable Scripts

Choose from a list of prewritten messages to automate contact service and reduce response time.

Schedule Messages

Schedule personalized messages so you can stay up-to-date on contact needs with no hassle.

Trackable Links

Measure interaction levels to maximize you conversations and better understand user experiences.

A Conversation with a contact showing scripts and scheduled messages
A Conversation with a contact

Contact Tagging

Create personalized tags and use our innovative Tag Groups feature to organize your contacts based on individual needs.

Reusable Scripts

Automate dialog and reduce response time

Opt-Out System

Let contacts choose what kind of contact they recieve and when


Send attached files, photos, and download links

Schedule Messages

Plan your messages and send them whenever you want

Add Team Users

Keep your team up to date by adding new users anytime

MMS Messages

Send multimedia messages with photos, videos, and more

Broadcast Messaging Creation Form

Message Broadcasting

Use specialized broadcasts for individual contacts or carefully curated groups in a few very easy steps.

Custom Contact Fields

Create specialized fields to personlize each contact’s experience

Number Hiding

Route your calls so your personal number stays hidden and secure

Easy to Use

No app needed for your contacts to communicate

Save contact Info

Save files, photos, important notes, and information on contacts

Import Contacts

Import pre-existing contacts and files directly from any device

Shared Contacts

Allow multiple teammembers access to your contact lists

Drip Campaigns

Create continued sales through long-term interaction using pre-written, scheduled messages.

Creating a drip campaign to message contacts

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Automated Texting and Scheduling