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The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding & TxtSquad Partnership

APC members enjoy big benefits with TxtSquad - streamlined patient communications, seamless scheduling, and data-driven automations with TxtSquad’s easy to use, HIPAA-compliant system

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APC + TxtSquad: A Shared Mission

TxtSquad is honored to be partnered with the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding. We share a common passion for helping our partners and clients succeed and do more and greater things for their clients.

“Our passion for compounding is fueled by our members’ passion for their patients and the medications they create.” -

We strive to make what WE create help YOU create better medications and better health outcomes for your patients.

How compounding pharmacies can benefit from TxtSquad

Personalization is the lifeblood of compounding pharmacies, providing custom formulations tailored to each patient’s needs. The personal touch between pharmacist and patient is paramount, and developing that trust and nurturing a loyal customer takes time.

But what shouldn’t take up your time is your communication and scheduling system.

Are you tired of inefficient systems, playing telephone tag with patients and providers, manually scheduling appointments, prescription pick up and delivery, refills, billing reminders, or digging through voicemail inboxes?

Enter TxtSquad.

TxtSquad was founded in order to help organizations grow and thrive through rich engagement - whether that means facilitating access to primary care for patients, streamlining the scheduling of appointments for clinics, or helping pharmacies supercharge their operations.

We aim to simplify communications with the most ubiquitous tool there is - texting. So we created a tool enabling rich-text conversations in a professional texting platform that is transparent, easy-to-use, and integrated with your workflow. AI enhancements give additional valuable information about your contacts - information that can be used to automate processes, better understand your contacts and manage the relationship.

What is TxtSquad

At TxtSquad, we help communities revolutionize communication with AI-powered texting and scheduling.

Our software can improve coordination, reduce administrative work, and increase the impact of your mission while saving valuable time with smart messaging and data-driven automations.

  • Two-way conversational texting - Personalized, real-time interaction over SMS for patient questions and support
  • Automated text, alerts, and notifications
  • Calendar scheduling - map out your sales cycle with regular promotions, discounts, reward and referral campaigns
  • Data-powered automations
  • Improved patient engagement - make your pharmacy a trusted source of health knowledge tailored to your patients’ needs
  • Integrates with your existing systems making a seamless transition

Learn more about TxtSquad's use in pharmacies.

APC Member benefits

Membership with the APC carries a slew of benefits including continuing education opportunities, access to information services, professional development events, and discounts on many professional services.

TxtSquad is honored to be included in this list of quality service providers to assist APC members do more for their customers.

TxTSquad is pleased to extend a 20% or greater discount to all APC Pharmacy/Facility Members.

But beyond just a discount, we will work with your pharmacy to provide the most benefit including on-boarding training, follow-up service, and free integration with your existing pharmacy management software.

APC members enjoy a discount of 20% or more off all TxtSquad plans with no upfront coasts, no contracts, and free integration with pharmacy management software systems!

Put TxtSquad to work for your pharmacy

TxtSquad is leading the charge to modernize health care communications. We are very excited to partner with the APC to help us realize this goal and we are looking forward to working with more APC members.

If you’re an APC member and would like to revolutionize your communications and scheduling, benefit from smart automations, eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs, grow revenues through better service and more customers, then we’d like to talk to you.

If you’re interested in applying for a pilot project with us, reach out and let us know. We’d love to learn more about your pharmacy’s challenges and work together to solve them - your problems are our problems!

Contact us now to apply!

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