SMS Broadcasts

Specialized broadcasts for individual contacts or carefully curated groups in a few very easy steps.

TxtSquad App

Customize your Message

With TxtSquad, we give you all the tools to make sure your message is customized to your audience. You can use trackable links to measure engagement, Scripts to speed up the creation of broadcasts and Dynamic templates to insert fields like contact name into your message

Trackable Links
Trackable links are short-links that alert you when a contact clicks it.

Trackable links for messages

Customized Scripts
Scripts are pre-written messages that can be inserted into a conversation to make responding to common inquireys quicker and easier.

Scripts for creating a message

Dynamic Message Templates
Fields specific to your contact such as name, email or any other custom field you have setup. This can make your broadcast message personalized to your contact.

Templates for creating a message

Easy Audience Selection
When selecting your audience you can manually select each contact or chose by tags.

Audience Selection

Reach your Target Audience

Make reaching your target audience easier with our Audience selector. Setup tags to group like contacts to make the process seamless

Automated Tagging based on replies

Create keywords for a broadcast at the time of the message being sent. This will perform actions based on a contact response such as automatically adding a contact to a sms sequence, inserting them into a group or building a new audience from tags.

Keywords/Tags Based on Customer Responses
Keywords are specified keywords we will look for when a contact replies to a message. If there is a match found, we will apply the correspponding tag to the contact.

Keyword Selection

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