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Selling and Service By Text During COVID-19

Use TxtSquad to ease operations under these new requirements by selling and servicing customers through text messaging

Josh Taylor


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As businesses begin to re-open during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important they continue to pay attention to safety precautions and requirements in place, and how it impacts the way in which they can operate. This is why companies are beginning to use TxtSquad to ease their operations under these new requirements by selling and servicing through text messaging.

Here’s the top three reasons why this is the case.

1. Texting Helps Maintain Social Distance in Operations

Selling and service by text messaging can assist in operating your business under recommended social distancing guidelines – allowing you to both sell to your customers while helping reduce the spread of COVID-19.

For example, TxtSquad allows you to take orders or service requests quickly over text message – rather than in person — and then advise your client when it is ready, rather than them having to wait in a small crowded room or outside your building to avoid violating social distancing guidelines.

2. Automated Features Helps Speed Up Service Time and Reduce Backlog

As businesses re-open, it is likely they will experience an increased demand for their products and services – for example, many people are looking forward to being able to get their haircut after a long break, and this means appointment times will be in hot demand.

TxtSquad’s automated features, like reusable scripts and repeated link tracking, can help you quickly service your client and answer their common requests in an organized manner that is faster than taking requests over phone or email. This can help you clear your client backlog and grow your business while doing so.

3. Your Customers Prefer It

As businesses reopen, you’ll be competing to get the attention of your customers who are looking to spend money that was saved rather than otherwise spent during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means you’ll have to find ways to stand out in the crowd.

Notably, texting is a popular choice for consumers. The average person sends 15 texts per day, and messaging is the #1 reported use of smartphones. People are eight times more likely to respond to a text message than an e-mail, and an even more likely to respond to a text message than call an unknown number. In fact, In fact, a study of 11 billion phone calls in the United States, only approximately 52% of the calls were answered, and customers are more likely will go with businesses who sell their service over text.

This strong customer preference is why you should make texting part of your “New Normal”.

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