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TxtSquad Tips for Restaurants

Here’s four tips for restaurants on how to best utilize TxtSquad’s features to grow their business.

Josh Taylor


A Crowded Restaurant

We know many of the businesses that use TxtSquad are restaurants that sell and service their customers through text messaging.

That makes sense — our research shows that customers expect to be able to text businesses, and prefer text messaging to phone conversations.

That’s why we have built TxtSquad features with customers in mind, allowing businesses like restaurants to go where their customers are, and sell and service through a professional texting experience.

Here are four tips for restaurants on how to best utilize TxtSquad’s features to grow their business.

1. Use Scripts

Preparing reusable scripts allows you to use the benefits of automation to reduce response time and speed up customer service.

As a restaurant using TxtSquad, you should think about what frequent messages you are sending to customers, and build these into reusable scripts.

For example, you may want to make a script or a default greeting, asking your customer whether they are looking to order for delivery or pick up.

Further, maybe you want an automated message that asks your customer if they have dietary restrictions or special requests.

On the other side, you can also prepare a reusable script to be proactive in responding to frequently asked questions – like your hours of operations or current specials.

Preparing reusable, trackable links will also help speed up customer response times.

As a restaurant using TxtSquad, you should consider what links you regularly use and save them as reusable links so they are quickly at your fingertips when you need them.

For example, you may want to make a reusable link that contains your food menu, so you can quickly provide it to a customer when requested – AND as a trackable link, know when they click it and thus when to follow up if they have any questions. You can even build these reusable links into your scripts for further convenience.

3. Tagging is Your Friend

Tagging your customers can also help you manage your customers and serve your customers better.

As a restaurant using TxtSquad, you should think about what tags may be relevant to record about your customers.

For example, you may want to tag a customer with their dietary restrictions – such as a tag for “gluten-free”, so that you know not to send them the latest customer offers that only include gluten menu items.

In the alternative, you may want to tag all of your vegetarian customers as “vegetarian” in the application, allowing you to filter your customers based on the tag and send out specialized text messages marketing your new vegetarian menu.

The possibilities are endless, and tagging your customers allows you to improve your sales tactics with a personal touch.

4. Making Notes for the Future

Lastly, you can use the customer notes feature to record important notes about doing business with the customer to remind you or your teammates when you are next servicing the customer.

For example, maybe you want to avoid having to ask about the door you need to deliver to by recording “side door preferred” in their customer notes.

Or, you may want to record that a customer prefers a type of condiment on the side so you can provide it to them without them needing to specifically request it for each order.

Recording notes can save both your team and your customer a future headache, and allow their transaction to go even better.

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