Texting for Food Truck Owners

Cyrus Sefidrou

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How can food trucks benefit from text messaging? 

If you own a food truck you know just how delicious and competitive the industry can be.  There are food trucks on every corner, all with the same goal of attracting customers. Standing out is tough when there's so much competition for food truck lovers' stomachs. One way to stand out from the crowd is to use text message marketing techniques that will allow you to get in touch with potential customers and offer them discounts and other incentives.

Food trucks can send text messages to subscribers to help them:

  • Update them on new menu items

  • Alert them to a new locations or event

  • Last minute deals

  • Send discounts and coupons

  • Give real time updates

  • Organize and take your orders!

Next we will go through a few example texts to show you just how useful texting can be for your business! Sign up for a free trial now!

Five Examples of Food Truck Text Marketing Messages

  1. “$10 off today with coupon code: TACO2ME”

1. CouponCode

Extending exclusive coupons to your members is an excellent way to drive customers to the food truck. Not only does it help to gain more business during slow periods, but also texts are read quickly and can be one of many tools in driving traffic at peak times when there might otherwise not be any visitors on-site!

2. “Check out this week’s special, the Meat-Nado Sub!”

2. PictureMessage

A picture is worth a thousand words. Send pics of the latest specials and fan favorites by texting your favorite photos to your subscribers number. Your customers love sharing pictures of what they have eaten, so why not let them continue doing that for you? We humans are visual creatures who tend to eat with our eyes first! Let people see just how delicious their meal will be in vivid technicolor before even taking one bite - after all, no matter where someone goes there's always room at least for an appetizer or two...

3. “Alright hungry masses, we will be serving Texas BBQ at 350 E 54th St. tomorrow from 8am until we sell out! Come get some delicious brisket while it lasts! 

3. LocationMessage

Your food truck is like a moving target! You'll never know where it will be next, but that's what makes the experience so much fun. Sending your customers text messages to let them know where they can find the delicious treats that await them. 

4. “The Weekly Mac N Cheeses have been picked! Check out our menu this week at Cyrus’s MNC truck: https://txtsquad.io/url/B54mu7” 

4. LinkMessage

Staying top of mind with your customers is key to creating a loyal following. One great way you can do this, by sharing the menu! Use text messages as an opportunity for promo codes or other specials that are on offer at certain times - it will help keep them coming back again and again! Also, it's been clear that sharing this kind of information would be a guaranteed way to start growing a subscriber list.

5. “Hate to tell y'all this, but due to the rain we are closing down Tims Tikka Masala today, hope to see you tomorrow when the storm passes.”

5. TemporaryClosure

The food truck business can be temperamental sometimes. Storms, power outages and last minute location changes can leave your customers empty handed when they are expecting their favorite food truck that day. Text messages can be sent to your subscribers to give them a heads up that you won't be open today and help let them down easily.

Also Helps Keep Track of Your Employees and Suppliers 

Texting is a great way to reach people on your team quickly and efficiently. When an employee calls in sick, send out a group text with their position title so replacements can be found pronto!

Tracing back the ingredients of your favorite recipes can be a daunting task, but it's not too hard with the use and convenience that text messaging provides. Texting is also an effective way to reach out when you have urgent requests from food suppliers or vendors you rely on  to meet customer demands in a pinch.

Final Thought

Food truck owners are beloved around the world. They are a fun loving part of the community that's a gateway for people to try new foods and witness other cultures. With our text message-based marketing campaign automation tool you can help drive the spirit of fun when connecting with your customers through texting. We offer a two week free trial for new customers who want to see just how easy it is to use this powerful platform in their own business. Sign up for a free trial now if you’re ready for an exciting way to drive sales without breaking a sweat!

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