Why Texting Drives B2B Sales

Cyrus Sefidrou


In today's world, cold calling is dead, may it rest in peace. It is outdated, inefficient, and frankly, annoying! Most Americans would rather type it than say it, according to a new report that shows how tied to texting U.S. society has become.

Texting for B2B, is today's champion for driving sales. Not only is it wildly prefered over intrusive sales calls, but also sales emails, which people widely ignore most of the time. 

Many customers feel a lot more at ease with texting over calls because they don’t have to stop what they are doing and answer a stranger right away. They can open these messages on their own time and actually read them! They won’t be automatically sent to voicemail or end up in an unseen pile of unread emails. 

What is B2B Texting? 

In a nutshell, Texting for B2B (Business-to-Business if you haven’t guessed it) is a business using texting to sell a product or service. There is definitely confusion on the difference between B2B and B2C so here is a quick definition of both:

  • B2B - Businesses buy what they need. What they need is something that contributes directly to their bottom line like earning more money by getting them more leads/sales through texting, or saving money by reducing the amount of time it takes to close deals.

  • B2C - Consumers buy what appeals to them. Could be emotionally, could be trend, could be desire, could be a lot of contributing factors. B2C is a one and done SMS and doesn't take time. 

Why B2B Texting? 

texting stats

Texting for businesses has picked up substantially over the last 5 years. Most people get text reminders for hair appointments or that your package has arrived, but it is still an underrated tool for sales and marketing. Here are some quick stats about texting

Selling by text is all about the need for speed. You meet the customers where they are and get your important sales points across rapidly, adding a sense of urgency to the customer. To repeat the point, text messages are read much faster than any other channel.

Texting is also a more personal approach to selling, which gives you the ability to build deep relationships by going straight to their phone. People want to have human interactions and not feel like they are talking to a bot. Individualizing your text messages for customers helps you break down barriers and close deals faster.

Who Can Benefit from B2B Texting?

TxtSquad will help any business or organization close more deals, resolve customer support issues faster and build relationships with customers through our intuitive and easy to use texting B2B services. We also help facilitate a variety of inter-communication within companies and organizations. Here is a list of business clientele segments we cater to:

chart of businesses

Final Thought

The best B2B sales reps are persistent, as they understand that the sale will need to be conducted over a much longer period of time and is often more complex, with multiple stakeholders involved. Texting can be an amazing tool in B2B that will help shorten the sales process while keeping your contacts organized. Meet your customers where they are and try TxtSquad for free today!

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