Text Message Announcements

We understand the importance of reaching your desired audience accurately and quickly. That's why we've designed a seamless solution to keep your members informed and connected through text message announcements.

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What are Text Message Annoucements?

Text message announcements are a form of communication where organizations or individuals send important updates, notifications, or promotional messages to their target audience via text messages. These announcements are typically concise, direct, and delivered directly to the recipients' mobile devices. They provide instant delivery, allowing recipients to receive important updates in real-time. Unlike emails or phone calls, text messages are typically read within minutes, making them ideal for time-sensitive information or urgent notifications.

Whether you're sharing exciting new events or the latest developments within your organization, our platform ensures that your message is delivered and seen. With an impressive read rate of 98%, text messages have become the go-to channel for engaging with your audience effectively.

Tired of low email engagement rates? Using text message announcements you can increase engagement 3x. One TxtSquad customer increased engagement with announcements from 30% to 90% over night!

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Benefits of Text Message Announcements

Increased Engagement

Texting is one of the most effective communication methods there is, making it and excellent tool for driving sales. People often ignore emails and phone calls but texting is a medium that gets attention.

Communicate Better

The potential reach of texting is impressive - 98% read rates. Meaning organisations and businesses can reach their desired target audience accurately and quickly.

Stay up to Date

Texting makes it easier to keep members updated on new events and developments. It also allows businesses to send helpful content to your members to maintain their interest and interactions.

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Sending Text Message Annoucements with TxtSquad

We believe in fostering genuine interest and maintaining strong relationships with your members. With TxtSquad, you have the power to provide valuable content that keeps them engaged and enthusiastic about your activities. From exclusive offers to insider updates, your text messages will be eagerly anticipated and eagerly received

Why settle for outdated communication methods when you can leverage the power of text messaging? Join the growing trend of organizations who have discovered the unparalleled reach and engagement that SMS announcements offer. With TxtSquad by your side, you can connect with your audience on a personal level, delivering your message straight to their fingertips.

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