When members book events with you, there's always the risk they won't show up no matter how important or cool the occasion.

No matter how exceptional you are as a service provider, clients will likely miss the occasional appointment, unless there are safeguards in place. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to prevent and reduce no-show appointments is to send clients a simple, automated SMS text reminder.

Person receiving a meeting reminder via sms
John Finn

We are using TxtSquad to message parents about lunch order reminders and internally to manage the School Lunch team. Text reminders have increased our engagement from 30% on email to over 90%! And the TxtSquad team provides amazing service!

John Finn

Director, School Lunch Association

Reminders through Text Messages

SMS makes a great way to send reminders to your members to help ensure they don’t forget. Reminders with SMS links will help ensure membership fees are paid on time and keep members actively involved in memberships associations. You can also use auto-reply text message tools to make it easier for you to reply to any incoming messages.