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TxtSquad makes filling shifts easier for managers and staff at McDonalds. With TxtSquad, managers can instantly reach out to all available staff members via text and start filling shifts in minutes. No more emails, phone calls, massive group chats, social media messaging, or wasting valuable time tracking employees down.

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Benefits of Texting for Employers

Save Manager Time

With a click of a button, you can message all of your staff to fill a shift or notify them. Managers won’t have to waste time calling, texting, or messaging on social media to find someone to fill in.

Audit Ready Communications

All conversations on TxtSquad are securely backed up to the cloud with a clear audit trail. Owners and managers can view all communications between management and employees.

App Free Solution for Employees

TxtSquad does not require employees to download an app - they receive a message from management just like any other text message. Many employees don’t like installing work apps on their personal phones - with TxtSquad they don’t need an app!

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Fill Shifts Instantly and with Ease

Our AI-powered communication and scheduling software will allow employers to fill open shifts with ease. With just a few clicks, managers can quickly identify available employees and assign them to the open shift. This saves time and ensures that the business is always fully staffed.

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Increase Open Rates

Increase the open rates of text messages sent to employees. With the ability to schedule messages in advance and customize them for different groups, managers can be sure that their messages are being read and acted upon.

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Manage Interacts Between Management and Employees

TxtSquad helps managers to stay connected with their employees and manage interactions between them. With features such as employee surveys and broadcasts, managers can easily gather feedback and address any issues that may arise.

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Instantly Communicate with the Whole Team

Instantly communicate with your entire team with just a few clicks. Whether it's a quick reminder or an important update, managers can be sure that their message is being received by all employees in a timely manner.

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Employer Texting FAQs

Texting employees is subject to the same laws as other forms of electronic communication, such as email. It's important to ensure that you're not sending harassing or discriminatory messages, and that you're getting consent from employees before sending them texts.

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