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3 Quick Texting Stats You Need to Know

Josh Taylor

Are you selling through text?

Here’s three quick statistics you should know, and what they mean.

Urgency Matters

Urgency matters – and that means you need to be quicker to respond to your customers needs in order to ensure you can close a sale.

In fact, research shows that 50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first to a customers need.

This means that half of all customer sales go to whoever is ready and able to make a sale. That’s why we designed our TxtSquad application with group-based texting support, automation, and quick script, that work to help your sales team respond quickly.

Fast Response Times

Not only do customers need you to be available – they are available themselves to quickly respond to your messages.

The average response time for text messages is only 60 seconds.

This means that when you reach a customer, you will be able to quickly get a response.

This is particularly useful in not only closing sales, but also for when you need to get a hold of customers for instruction. For example, no more waiting hours for an e-mail response that holds up your project.

Your Competitors Are Texting

Your competitors are already texting potential customers, and customers are beginning to expect it as a form of business communication.

In fact, 76% of consumers have said they have received some kind of text message from a business.

This means not only do consumers expect it and regularly experience it – it also means you need to learn to text like a pro and stand out from the crowd.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start texting customers today with TxtSquad.