Can You Text a Landline?

Cyrus Sefidrou

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If you own a business or are part of a larger organization, chances are you have a landline number. We all know that landlines connect us using voice, but did you know they can be set up to receive sms?  In this blog post we will show you how to text a landline in a few ways while showing the benefits using a professional sms platform like our TxtSquad business texting software!

What is a landline? 

A landline, also known as hard-line or home phone, is a fixed device that usually derives its electrical power from the utility mains electricity. Although mobile and portable systems can be used in many locations, efficiency and bandwidth are compromised compared with fixed systems. Landlines are also more reliable than cell phones in cases of a power blackout or natural disaster. Landlines are the traditional way to communicate over the phone, but they're becoming less common in the home because most people carry cell phones with them everywhere.

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Can you text a landline?

You can definitely text a landline to see if it works like a cell phone. Just open up your sms and send it a message, but if the landline hasn't been text message enabled it will not receive your text message. Your message will be lost forever in the sands of time...

The landline will need texting software to get, read and send a SMS to reply back. There are many avenues for you to do this including port number to google voice, where they convert voice to text as well.

TxtSquad is more relevant if a business wants two way chat capability with customers on the same network as their office line. For most organizations, enabling landline text messaging makes sense because your business could be missing out on customer who assume that the number is already text-enabled. 76% of people prefer texting to calling according to surveys, so why not give the people what they want!


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Are landlines relevant? 

Landlines have been on the decline for years in households where families can get on a phone plan and stay connected with their friends and family. That doesn’t necessarily mean that landlines are going away any time soon. During emergency situations such as hurricanes or earthquakes, many cell towers can be incapacitated and power can be out for days leaving your cell phones uncharged. Landlines don’t need a battery and can work even when there is no electricity. 

Most businesses absolutely still need to keep their landline phones for a few really key reasons:

  • Branding: Google a business and you will see a phone number front and center, usually with an easy to remember local number which makes it easier for your customers to reach you. 

  • Reliability: Cell phones or VoIP are dependent on Internet connection and cell service, which aren’t always reliable. Landlines are hardwired into the grid and work without power in emergency situations. 

  • Quality: Landlines wont drop calls and are usually operating at a higher bandwidth than cell phones which means better reception.

  • Transparency: It’s usually a good idea to have employees text with clients with the business phone rather than their personal phones

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Text enabling a landline. Why you should get business-texting software.

You can Google Voice port or switch your landline to a cell phone provider, but the native sms apps like iMessage and Android lack the productivity tools and expert texting features that TxtSquad can provide to make it streamlined and automated for your business to scale. 

How does it work? Business-texting software like TxtSquad will reroute your text messages so that they can be read and replied to on your computer or an app from a portable device. Calls still go through the landline uninterrupted, but you get more freedom when answering them! 

Some of the features include: automated text message, scheduled text messages, SMS Broadcasts, Tagging and notes for customers, two-way text multiple people at once, and our TxTBot AI modules where we use sentiment analysis and keyword analysis to read and flag text messages and update information automatically. 


Bottom Line

Texting your landline number is a great way to keep in touch with existing clients while reaching out on every mobile device. You can use professional SMS platforms like TxtSquad for small businesses and get the benefits! TxtSquad gives your business the competitive edge by connecting you to customers in a more personal way. It also helps resolve customer service issues faster and build relationships with clients—allowing for increased revenue opportunities that lead into sales!  Why not try out TxtSquads for free? You're just one click away from texting from your landline!

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