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How To Streamline Internal Communication for Hotels with TxtSquad

Improve your hotel’s operations, your guests’ experience and your employees’ engagement by communicating better with texting.

Josh Taylor


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Communication is important in our personal and professional lives. At hotels, it can be challenging to effectively communicate with staff, who are often working around the clock, on many different teams and spread across hotel property. In order to improve internal communication at hotels, hotel leadership will be able to improve scheduling, operational efficiency and guest experience with texting. Learn how services like TxtSquad can help your hotel employees provide a higher level of service to your guests.

The Problems with Traditional Communication Methods in Hotels

No matter the industry, traditional communication methods are beginning to fail. People are more easily distracted and our attention is constantly being pulled in dozens of directions at one time. But in the hotel industry, when these communication methods fail, they can cause problems not only for the hotel staff but for the overall guest experience. When staff members miss meetings, spend too much time going back and forth via email or play phone tag for days on end, it can be difficult to get the job done. If the job isn’t getting done, the hotel isn’t being run effectively, things slip through the cracks and the guests suffer. Improved internal communication can alleviate some of these challenges, but you have to find the right tools to do so.

How TxtSquad Solves These Problems

Business texting services like TxtSquad allow you to tackle these communication challenges head-on. Harness the power of AI to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your hotel operations. With TxtSquad, you can schedule messages, have two way conversations and send automated reminders to your staff in all hotel departments and teams.

Schedule messages: Schedule personalized messages so everyone is up-to-date on hotel updates with no hassle. You can send these updates as employees come to work, so they have the information they need to do their job every day.

Two way conversations: Use texting for two way conversations with staff members for questions, scheduling and other issues hotel employees experience. Your employees will have a number they can send requests or questions to, and hotel leadership can monitor and have conversations in a way that is easy for everyone.

Automated reminders: For big events, busy seasons or important meetings, you can send automated reminders to your staff. You can send out mass automated reminders easily, reminding entire departments or the whole staff of important information.

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The Benefits of Using TxtSquad

When you have a more streamlined communication system in place, your employees will feel less confused about what’s going on and more empowered to ask questions. You can improve guest experiences and increase the hotel’s operational efficiency when employees feel like they have a better handle on their jobs and the company. Because most people have their phone with them at all times (even during the workday), texting can be one of the best ways to increase employee engagement. TxtSquad gives you a way to reach your employees and gives them the opportunity to engage with you, too.

Increase employee engagement: Increase your employees’ engagement by giving them important information that can help them do their job better. By texting them updates, giving them a place they can ask questions and receive a quick response, and using text for scheduling changes can make them feel more aware, involved and engaged at work. This increased engagement of your employees – from bartenders to pool staff to housekeepers to front desk employees – will mean you can offer a higher level of customer service. And engaged employees are more likely to stick around longer, so you won’t have as much staffing turnover.

Improve the guest experience: Your employees are a big part of the guest experience. Happy, helpful employees will provide a higher level of customer service, improving the support and experience your guests will receive. If your employees are informed, they can easily share information about hotel operations or local events with guests when asked. Happy guests are more likely to share their experience with their friends and family, encouraging them to book their own stay at your hotel. They may also even come back themself if they had a great time at your hotel!

Save time and communicate better: Not having enough time is something we have all experienced. With so many different priorities at your hotel, you need to find any way you can to streamline hotel operations. By utilizing automated reminders and scheduling messages to your employees with key updates, you won’t have to tell everyone individually or send out reminder emails on your own. Sending these messages will also keep your employees informed and help hotel communication to improve.

Implementing TxtSquad in Your Hotel

Improve your hotel’s operations, your guests’ experience and your employees’ engagement by communicating better with texting. SMS offers a quick and easy way to get your message in front of many eyes with the click of a button. The right business texting tool brings together all of the features that can accomplish your goals, like contact management, auto responses, scheduled or automated messages, tracking, analytics and drip campaigns. TxtSquad brings everything you need to improve the internal communication at your hotel. Book a demo today to see how texting your employees can change the guest experience for the better!

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