Text Marketing for Retail & E-commerce

Cyrus Sefidrou


SMS Marketing for Retail & E-commerce can improve sales, upgrade the customer service experience, streamline day-to-day business, and help grow your retail business by using text messaging.

There are so many advantages to using text message marketing for your Retail and/or E-commerce business. It will help you stay in touch with customers by providing them real time assistance, give delivery updates on their orders, and so much more! 

Both Retail and E-Commerce stores are using TxtSquad to communicate with their customers by:

  • Drive Sales with Time-sensitive Promotions/Deals.

  • Provide Excellent Real Time Customer Support.

  • Keeping Track of Employees.

  • Confirm Orders, Delivers, and Store Pick-Ups.

  • Appointment Reminders with Calendar Integrations.

  • Gather Feedback and Reviews from Customers.

The next step is pretty simple. Try TxtSquads free 2-week trial and start texting your customers today! 

Still not convinced? Then let's go through a few example texts to show you just how useful texting can be for your retail or e-commerce business! 


Six Examples of Text Marketing For Retail & E-Commerce

1. “<VIPs> Additional 25% OFF STORE PRICES for our preferred customers. This Monday. Just show this text and save! Send STOP to unsubscribe.”

1. 25Off

Build and nurture lasting customer relationships with exclusive deals for loyal patrons through targeted B2C SMS marketing campaigns. A whopping 98% of Text Messages are Read in the First 10 Minutes so it is sure to reach the right customers and drive sales during downtimes.

2. “The day has come! Your order is ready for pickup. Order #42. For more information click here: https://txtsquad.io/url/B54mu7.”

2. OrderPickup

You know keeping your customers informed is just good business! Staying in touch with the customer through text messages with account updates and delivery notifications can spare them from any unpleasant surprises. More people prefer delivery confirmations via text marketing than email. 

3. “There’s an opening that needs to be filled next Tuesday, 11/14, from open to close. Link to the schedule here: https://txtsquad.io/url/B54mu7.”

3. Schedule

Being able to seamlessly fill vacancies in your employees weekly schedule comes in handy. Just send out an SMS message to some or all of your employees to pick up an extra shift. Millennials prefer text notifications over phone calls and emails any day of the week! 

4. “Customer: Do you have a pair of the Hoka Clifton 7’s in men’s size 12?; Running World: Yes, there’s one left. ; Customer: Could you put them on hold for me, I’ll be in tonight? Running world: Sure thing, store closes at 9pm. Customer: Thanks!”

4. StockQuestion

Being able to answer and engage multiple clients with simple questions has never been easier by text enabling your business! You've got more time than ever before thanks to our self service 2-way messaging feature where you are able to send text messages back and forth with your customers through TxtSquad. You can post notes on what your customers order and anything unique about their needs/wants. 

5. “Thank you for shopping at Tim the Tailors. Please review us here: https://txtsquad.io/url/B53mu8. Send STOP to unsubscribe.”

5. ReviewLink

Reviews are a crucial part of building trust with consumers. They can help potential clients see how great your company is before they decide to take the next step and buy from you! The number one way to get your review request seen is by using text messaging. With almost all texts being opened, you'll be sure they not only see the message but also have a higher chance of giving you a positive review on google or yelp!

6. “Huge Memorial Day Sale! Take an additional 35% off all mattresses and bed frames at Josh’s Mattress Emporium! While supplies last! Send STOP to unsubscribe.”

6. MemorialDaySale

Share compliance friendly group messages for Coupons, Promotions, and Special events to your customers. Grow your customer base with sign up forms for special offers. 

Customer Prefer Texts

Texts are preferred by retail and e-commerce customers to phone calls and emails because they can interact and read while they are on the go. This is the reason why sms messages have become more popular over the years! A recent study by the University of Connecticut called "The Effectiveness of Conversational Text Messaging in Customer Support" found that customers preferred to sms customer service reps instead of waiting on the phone to talk to them. The blog post includes a link to the study, as well as other insights on why texts are preferred over phone calls. Read the full article here.

If you're in the retail and e-commerce business you know that your customers are typically more comfortable with texting than they are talking. It's not just because it's easier to text than call - it also prevents any awkward pauses in conversation for things like "uh" and "you know."

Texting is the go-to way for marketing nowadays. You can do it from your phone, computer or just about anywhere. And while some people might prefer talking over the phone, texting offers you more privacy and convenience than ever before. So why not text your customers? Texts are preferred by customers because they give them a chance to get in touch with you without having to leave their homes or offices. Plus, they're usually quicker and easier for both parties! Read on for more tips on how text messages can help increase customer satisfaction with your business by making it easier for them to contact you when they need something done right away!

Customers don't need an app, just a phone number

When it comes to retail and e-commerce customer service, most people want a simple solution. They don't want an app for this, they just want a phone number so they can text someone and get their questions answered and issues resolved as soon as possible. Customers want to know about what's still in stock, supply / delivery issues, and general questions you can answer way faster than individual phone calls. 

Bottom Line

Either online or in-store, your customers deserve a streamlined, no-fuss shopping experience. TxtSquad can help you offer the customer the convenience of not having to download an app or go through any complicated process, making it easier for them to browse your products without feeling overwhelmed by technology while still offering up all the information they need to have a wonderful time shopping your store! We want to give your retail business the best chance of success. Why not try out TxtSquads for free? You have nothing to lose, and everything can go ahead with just one click!

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