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Texting for Municipalities

Cities and municipalities can engage their residents in ways that were never before possible with expert text messaging services from TxtSquad. Residents can opt-in texting to receive fast, accurate information about their city over SMS. Maintaining contact with your municipal government can be challenging and not very convenient for local residents. Municipal residents can receive Town Hall meeting and Local Election information directly from SMS by short code texting or a local number.

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Your town can set up auto-reply text messages for residents based on keywords. For instance they could type “Street” and would get up-to-the-date information about street traffic or closures over text. Cities, towns, and municipalities are using TxtSquad to communicate with their residence by: - Start an SMS Emergency Notifications Alert System. - Closing/Cancellation Alerts. - Set-up a Hotline for locals to Ask Questions. - Street closures. - Trash pick up. - Local election information. - Town Hall meeting information. - Community Surveys.

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