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Cyrus Sefidrou

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A student and faculty text messaging platform can help staff stay in touch with their students, parents, and administrative services during a time of emergency all while improving engagement, increasing enrollment, and helping faculty success. Sending event reminders like teacher/parent days, closings/cancellations notifications, and any last minute updates are just a few of the ways an sms mass messaging platform can help your educational institution. 

Every school and higher educational institution should use some form of SMS school messaging service. Bulk messaging SMS for schools is an efficient way to convey important messages in a timely manner. It has been shown that most recipients will open text-based communications within 90 seconds, which means they are much more likely than other types of mass communication mediums like email or social media platforms at reaching students and parents. 

Both Schools and Higher Educational Institutions are using TxtSquad to communicate with their students and faculty by:

  • Start an SMS Emergency Notifications Alert System.

  • Schedule Texts for Event Reminders.

  • Closing/Cancellation Alerts.

  • Keeping Track of Faculty.

  • Set-up a Hotline for Students or Parents to Ask Questions.

  • Offer Students and Parents Helpful Resources.

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Still not convinced? Then let's go through a few example texts to show you just how useful texting can be for your school! 

6 Examples of Text Marketing For Schools

1. “Emergency Alert: Fire in the Cafeteria. Evacuate to your designated evacuation routes. (South Entrance Parking Lot)”

1. EmergencyAlert

In times of campus wide emergency, the speed and deliverability of SMS could easily save lives. Students can quickly be given life saving direction if there is an on-campus threat that needs attention.

2. “Prom is here! The dance begins at 9PM on Friday. Please bring your student ID. If you don't bring your ID, you will not be permitted to enter! See you there!”

2. PromText

Flyers are so last decade. Why not leave the old ways behind and send out SMS messages reminding students about events, requirements for attendance?

3. “School is closed Tuesday, 8/29, due to Hurricane Rufus. Please wait for more updates on reopening. Stay safe!”

3. SchoolClosed

In the event of a statewide weather emergency, students can be quickly directed with just their phone. That school is out for the day and to remain safely at home. 

4. “Course Catalogues are out for the Spring semester. Printed catalogues will be available at the store, but here is a link to a digital copy.

4. SchoolStore

Save a tree! Keep your students updated with information without having to print out documents. 

5. “Taylor High School: Clark Johansson is out sick with the flu. Do we have a substitute for pre-Algebra class that can work this week? Martha Malone: I’m available. Taylor High School: Great! I’ll let the kids know. Thanks!”

5. SubTeacher

Being able to quickly find substitute teachers to quickly fill vacancies for teachers that need a sub for the day or week is incredibly useful . Just send out a text message to some or all of your subs to fill in for the teacher and voila! Most people would prefer a text over a call any day of the week. 

6. “Reminder to Parents that the open house is coming up this Wednesday at Fielder Elementary school. Please get there by 6pm. Here is a list of where your students' classroom is:”

In addition to emergency situations, this text message communication can also create a sense of campus-wide camaraderie. It can be used for promoting events like football games and charity fundraising initiatives by increasing attendance with an active student body who is feeling connected with their school!

Bottom Line

One of the reasons that SMS is so effective, especially for students and parents, is that they are never too far from their phone with an average checking time once every 12 minutes – meaning they can be reached anytime, anywhere! It also explains why 98% percent open texts immediately. Whether it's due to students being too distracted by screens in classrooms or teachers utilizing them during emergencies like lockdowns - 90% of folks read texts within the first 3 minutes! 

When it comes to communicating, most students and parents want a simple solution. They don’t want to have an app for getting information from their schools. That’s why the TxtSquad solution is the easiest way to get in touch with your students, faculty, and parents.

If you're interested in exploring bulk SMS for schools and higher education institutes, we invite you to try our free trial. The free trial won’t be a permanent solution, but it will give you a good idea of how easy it is to use and won’t require credit card information or any obligation other than taking your time to figure out if it’s right for your school. 

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