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The Benefits of Texting for Community-Based Organizations

Get Your Message Out

Texting provides the highest engagement rate of any medium. Texts get read 5 times more than emails and they are read more quickly so people can act on the information. They are read more than social media posts and even mailouts.

Save Staff Time

Save staff time using texting. Text messages can be written and sent very quickly and conversing over text is far less time-consuming than phone or email. Your staff will be delighted with the saved time.

Increase Engagement

With targeted text messages using TxtSquad, you can increase read and response rates many times more than email or phone communications. This increased engagement reinvigorates organizations, reduces waste, and saves time and money.

Improve Satisfaction

Organizations that use text messaging to engage with their stakeholders report higher satisfaction and improved organizational performance as a result.

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Send 24 Hour Emergency Broadcasts

Organizations can send out emergency broadcasts to their entire audience within minutes. Whether it's a weather emergency or a time-sensitive event, TxtSquad ensures that important information is quickly and efficiently sent to those who need it most.

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Cost Effective and Easy to Use Software

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from the features and functionality without breaking the bank. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for organizations to manage their communications and scheduling needs.

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Simplify Member and Volunteer Management

Schedule events, manage volunteer hours, and communicate with members and volunteers in a timely and effective manner.

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Instantly Communicate with your Entire Audience

With our Broadcasts, you can reach your entire audience with just a couple of clicks. You can segment and choose groups to make sure your message is received by the right people.

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Broaden Community Base and Reach

TxtSquad allows organizations to easily send out invitations, track RSVPs, and manage the guest list for events, making it simple to bring new people into the organization and expand their impact in the community.


Member Outreach

Increase Accessibility

Make your organization more accessible. Texting is a medium that all people can engage in, and the asynchronous nature of the medium means they will never get a busy signal or miss a text message like they would an email.

Save Money

Text messaging is far more cost-effective than mail, advertisement, or social media ads. Even when considering engagement rates, it is more cost-effective than email. It is the best value for money in any communication medium.

School Lunch Assoc. Logo

School Lunch Association of NL

Staying in contact with thousands of people spread out over a large area is difficult. The Association needed a better way to reach everyone in the program, so they began searching for modern solutions to their communication issues. The School Lunch Association has sent over 150,000+ text messages with TxtSquad and they are only getting started.

Read more about their Success

Community Texting FAQs

Yes, TxtSquad has the ability to integrate with other platforms and tools such as websites, CRMs, and calendars. This allows organizations to more easily manage their communications and scheduling efforts in one central location. With tools like Zapier, online signup forms, and our API, TxtSquad can be integrated with a variety of platforms and tools.

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