Texting for Coaches and Sports Team

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The best way to prepare your team for a game is by communicating with them effectively. Txtsquad provides texting services that will help teams stay in contact and be more successful this season! The most important thing to prepare for this season is not just the competition, but also how you will communicate with your teammates.

Both Coaches and Sports Teams are using TxtSquad to communicate with their teammates by:

  • Event Reminders by Text from your Computer or Phone.

  • Send MMS or Multimedia like Photos or Videos to your Entire Team.  

  • Notification Texts for Rescheduling or Cancellation Alerts.

  • Keeping Track of the Team.

  • Set-up a Hotline for Team Members or Parents to Ask Questions.

  • Offer Teammates Helpful Resources.

  • Collect RSVPs by SMS.

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TxtSquad is an incredible tool for any coach or manager to quickly and easily broadcast important information. Utilizing the power of SMS lets you send one-off messages that are both timely and effective or have a two-way conversation with players. Here are some examples of how you can use our service:

5 Examples of SMS For Coaches & Sports Teams

1. “<Insert pic> Hey ladies, what an amazing win last night! Check out the photos of the game right here: https://txtsquad.io/url/B54mu7.”

1. PicSharing

The best part about winning is sharing your victory. Share pictures of the game and team members with others who were involved in order to celebrate!


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2. “Hey Mustangs, dues for the season need to be turned in this Friday. Amount due: $200. Let me know how you want to pay. - Coach Bonnell”

2. FeesDue

Collect payment for fees with this quick and easy way to send invoices with our txt app. You can even add specific recipients by using TxtSquads Tagging and Custom Fields options on your text scripted templates!

3. “Hey y’all, Need to get a headcount for Saturday's car wash event in the McDonalds parking lot off of Mason Rd at 11 am. Reply Yes if you will be in attendance! Championship here we come!”

3. EventRSVP

Collect RSVPs: Hosting an event? Send a message to your guests and/or volunteers reminding them of the importance for proper registration.

4. “Important Announcement: Friday's game against the Katy Tigers is going to be pushed back to Monday at 6pm! Let's stay sharp! - Coach”

4. TimeChange

It's never too late to reach out. Send an updated game or practice schedule with the flexible text messaging platform and make sure you stay in contact!

5. “Game Schedules are out for the Spring semester. Printed copies will be available at practice, but here is a link to a digital copy.  https://txtsquad.io/url/B54mu7

5. GameShedules

Save a tree! Keep your players updated with information without having to print out documents. 

No App Needed for Team Members

When it comes to communicating, most players and coaches want a simple solution. They don’t want to have an app for getting information from their manager or coach. That's why TxtSquad is such a powerful and easy solution for your team.

Send your Squad Texts With TxtSquad

The most tedious part of coaching is staying in touch with everyone who's involved. With text messages, coaches can communicate anytime and anywhere they want! This means staying in touch with officials, referees, teammates, volunteers, and more. Connecting with your team doesn’t have to be rocket science. With a text messaging platform, coaches can reach anyone at any time, cutting down on repetitive tasks with easy to use features, and not having to use your own phone number. You can even send text messages from your computer! 

TxtSquad offers a two-week free trial so you can try it out before committing any time or money. You'll have full access to our library of resources and tutorials as well as 24/7 support from our expert staff who are ready to help answer any questions about sending texts. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for a two-week free trial and txt today!

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